Saturday, June 07, 2008

Glazing Gruntlement—Not

The name-brand window company screwed up again, forgetting some parts or sending the wrong sizes (at this point does it matter?), so the structure is still the world's largest Christmas manger, yesterday catching 70 mph winds in its 20' x 50' mouth. For the want of the right-sized flashing, the curtain wall waits. As does the floor system. And the rough plumbing and rough electrical. Plus the finish carpentry. And occupancy.

The solar panels are now coming in August, so I'm not going to catch many summer photons.

On the encouraging side, 99% of the interior framing is done, not that there's much of it. The roof is fully clad in galvalume, minus a couple pieces that blew away in the high winds. Most of the cedar siding has been stained and is ready to go up once—oh, right—the curtain wall is finished.

Come on, name-brand window guys.

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