Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shiny Roof

Most of the galvalume roof is up and it sure is purty (that's Ted the Architect and Barry the Builder--naturally the architect is the one wearing black). It also distracts the eye from the messed-up concrete, which we'll one day fix, somehow (suggestions welcomed). There are some minor details that need rework, but in all the roof looks terrific.

Here's the final combination of materials and colors that make up the exterior "palette" — concrete, black metal (windows), vertical grain cedar and galvalume.

1 comment:

Dan N. said...

You could pull a Fu-Tung Cheng...Mix up some All-patch or other product suitable for a vertical application. Add a contrasting pigment. Call it "wabi-sabi". Or leave out the pigment and cover the entire end of that wall. Same thing happened on our recent T-mass project.

Looks great...warmer weather sure helps move a project along.