Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Program

"Programming" isn't what you think; in architecture-land, they talk about "the program" instead of "requirements" or "the brief".

In a nutshell, the program for this project is:

  • Create a getaway house that is as different from the client's (hey, that's me!) vintage condo (in Chicago) as possible. This means modern, airy, secluded, no brick, lots of glass.
  • Organize the structure so that friends can visit, socialize and then, when they're tired of socializing, go somewhere private.
  • Give the owner (me) the same option, and isolate my private space so that people can visit and not intrude on my private space.
  • Give me a place to work, but again, isolate it from the public spaces so that it's out of the way when entertaining or relaxing.
  • Get lots of light, but avoid being hot. The architect loved that one...

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